Individual development and hosting for Lotus Notes/Domino R5 to R8

  • IBM Lotus Notes and Domino™ – modern despite long-standing tradition

    The groupware platform Lotus Notes offers far more than just e-mails and scheduling. With a variety of supported interfaces, standards and programming languages, Lotus Notes enables the development of document-oriented database applications and their ideal integration into your systems and business processes.

    The Lotus Notes platform celebrated its 20th birthday in 2009. Despite a variety of technical innovations that have been amended over the years (among them the support of several programming languages, web capability of applications, web service connections as well as Mac and Linux clients), the Lotus Notes client, by now available as version 8.5, can still process applications of version 1.0 and higher.

    This downward compatibility that is unparalleled in the IT market, above all gives you:
    Investment security for the future.

  • Database applications for Lotus Notes R5-R8

    For Notes versions R5 to R8, we offer development and maintenance of classical Notes database applications, for Notes Client and also via web access.

    We use the programming languages Java, LotusScript and the formula language for this. We additionally develop add-ins for Notes Client and Domino Server in the programming languages C/C++ for the platforms Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Development for Lotus Notes Client R8 and higher

    Our range for the considerably more powerful Lotus Notes Client version R8 is presented on the second page.