Mindoo. New Software.

  • The slogan "Mindoo. New Software." emphasizes the innovative power of Mindoo.
    The company considers itself an "early adopter" in the software market. Mindoo uses new technologies early on in its own company to put them through their paces.

    So Mindoo customers are always well informed on innovations and the added value they actually deliver.
  • Mindoo is an IBM design partner

    Mindoo practices its role as "early adopter" in a special way with the products from the IBM Lotus range:
    Mindoo is a member of the Notes/Domino Design Partner program that integrates business partners in the IBM product development early on. Design partners receive early versions of IBM software (so-called pre-beta code drops) during the ongoing product development already.
    In weekly conference circuits with IBM developers and other design partners, Mindoo then provides valuable user feedback to IBM.
    The design partner program allows Mindoo software to be tested early on with future Notes/Domino product versions. This ensures that the software will continue to work reliably even with Notes/Domino release updates. After all, it has already been tested with future Lotus Notes product generations even before they can be purchased on the market.