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  • Notes.ini variable to transfer more than 25 selected Notes documents in a Composite App

    Karsten Lehmann  21 December 2010 12:40:33
    I was just doing a Notes view->Symphony export by using a Composite Application with a 8.5.1 client and (once again) noticed that only 25 of the selected documents were transferred via the CA wire.
    The issue was not new to me, I think it's in the product since 8.0.1:
    IBM did this as a performance optimization to not transfer too much data between the legacy C client process and the Expeditor framework for every selection change.

    But what I often forget is the name of the Notes.ini variable to work around it and increase the number of documents.

    I always remember that Julian Robichaux once wrote about the issue when he was publishing his LS09 demo plugin, so I did a Google search using a search query like "java view notes.ini 25 julian" and voilĂ , here it is:

    WMCSELECTION_MAXDOCUMENTS, for example WMCSELECTION_MAXDOCUMENTS=5000 to transfer up to 5000 documents

    Looks like there is still no official IBM technote available, but at least now there's a second article about this on the web that helps me (and maybe others) to find the workaround.

    Note: I haven't checked in 8.5.2 GA and 8.5.3 code drops yet, if this variable is still necessary, but - as everybody is focused on XPages dev now - I would not expect to see many changes in this area of the product in future versions.