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  • Speaking at Entwicklercamp 2012 about NoSQL databases

    Karsten Lehmann  19 March 2012 09:08:18
    Yesterday I submitted my slides for this years Entwicklercamp in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. My session will provide an overview of the NoSQL market for the database types
    • key value stores
    • column oriented databases
    • document oriented databases
    • and graph database

    It discusses Redis, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB and Neo4j in detail and I will be demo'ing, how to integrate MongoDB's geo-spatial indexing feature and Neo4j's graph search algorithms in XPages applications.

    Finally, the session compares the feature sets of Lotus Notes with other NoSQL to see how compatitive Lotus Notes, one of the oldest NoSQL database systems, is today in this moving market.

    Working on this topic was quite challenging, because there is A LOT of material to check out on the web, but it also was a lot of fun playing with the databases and building the demos.