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  • Entwickercamp 2010: our slides about add-ons for Notes Client and Domino Designer 8.5.1

    Karsten Lehmann  11 March 2010 12:42:31
    As Julian Buss and Ulrich Krause already blogged, Entwicklercamp 2010 (developer camp), taking place this week from Monday to Wednesday, was a really well organized conference.
    It was great to meet with other developers and business partners and there were a lot of high quality sessions, mainly focused on XPages for web and Notes Client and Java/JavaScript development. Good to see that more and more developers and end users get interested in the new possibilities.

    Thanks to Rudi Knegt and his team for all their work organizing the event!

    This blog posting contains the slides of my session about add-on development for Notes Client/Domino Designer, leveraging new Java APIs of Notes/Domino 8.5.1.

    Actually, I did not only present the session once. I did three full session runs, one on Monday and two on Tuesday, because two Entwicklercamp participants had a conflict with other sessions, but were highly interested in the topic. So we had two additional one-on-one presentations including the whole demo show. The feedback for all three sessions was very positive. They even changed the room for the session (track 2 instead of track 4), because there were a lot more reservations for the session than expected.

    Fortunately, I had more time to present than at Lotusphere in Orlando (90 minutes instead of only 60), so I could present all of the 10+x demos that we had developed. In Orlando, we had to skip a few of them.
    The demos will be published one by one here in the blog. The first one is already posted: it's the bookmark tools plugin that adds context menus to the client's Open List.

    So here are the slides in German language:

    Image:Entwickercamp 2010: our slides about add-ons for Notes Client and Domino Designer 8.5.1