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  • Video of an impressive Notes 8 application UI

    Karsten Lehmann  9 June 2009 18:00:59
    I just found a video of a new Notes 8 application in Bob Balfe's blog, that demonstrates what kind of modern user interfaces can be implemented using the capabilities of the Lotus Notes 8.x framework.

    The product is implemented by another company from the Notes/Domino Design Partner program, Lotus 911, using Lotus Notes 8 and the Lotus Foundations server.
    Looks like the time has come for more business partners building "modern" Notes application. I'm curious what the next months will bring.

    1Jo  10.06.2009 09:33:41  Video of an impressive Notes 8 application UI

    Hi Karsten,

    i've read your blog since i'm integrated in developing eclipse components for lotus notes.

    Not long ago, I discovered your comment onto one of the articles in the blog of Balfes.net, regarding the use of java view rendering. ({ Link })

    Do you know any possibilty to use the Notes 8 java view rendering in eclipse components?

    I've started working on a project recently, which has to show a view with editable cells in the best way (look & feel).

    (see my comment on Balfes.net)

    I'm quite staggered about what IBM offers of guidance for these topics. I hope to hearing from you soon, maybe per mail if possible. Thank you for everything which may help me.


    2Jo  10.06.2009 09:34:17  Video of an impressive Notes 8 application UI

    comments don't work?

    3Karsten Lehmann  10.06.2009 11:03:33  Video of an impressive Notes 8 application UI

    Hi Jo!

    Comments do work now. I had to click "Reset to HTML templates" in the blog database.

    I'm lucky that I haven't had the time to change the blog layout so far ;-).

    Don't know what caused this.

    Regarding your question:

    The Java views in Notes 8 are implemented using the Expeditor widget STable.

    There is a developerworks article about how to use it at { Link }

    I hope this helps a bit. I recently had a conference call with IBM dev and asked for better documentation for this component, because the article does not cover all aspects.

    Please note that the STable is Expeditor only and not part of the Eclipse framework. It also does not contain any Notes related code. So you would need to handle the Notes data access yourself (using the Notes Java API).