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  • Our presentation slides from Entwicklercamp 2009 (German)

    Karsten Lehmann  5 March 2009 13:17:10
    Lets start our Entwicklercamp slides and demo publication. In this posting you will find the PDF version of our Entwicklercamp presentation in German language.

    We showed about 8 demos for Java/Swing integration into Lotus Notes in our session. Those will also be available here in the blog, but we would like to do some documentation work to make it easier for you to understand them, e.g. writing a short text and creating a Wink movie of how to use them. Same with the sample Java/Swing CA component that we showed.

    We will publish them step by step here in the blog in the next few days.

    So, here are the slides:
    Integration von Swing-basierten Java-Anwendungen in Notes 8 (pdf)
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