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  • It’s showtime for Mindoo: Modern Java and Lotus Notes development

    Karsten Lehmann  2 March 2009 13:19:20
    Welcome in the Mindoo blog!

    Mindoo is a modern "Web 2.0" software company.

    Maybe that is why we might well be the first company, that has a blog up and running before any actual content on the website. :-)

    It's been some time since Mindoo has been founded and we've been incredible busy with several development projects.
    That's why we haven't really found the time to create our website.

    However, we intend to keep a constant resourceful blog about our work and our vision of how software should be looking like in the future.

    Mindoo is:
    • A breath of fresh air in the software market :-)
    • Modern Java desktop applications
    • Innovative Lotus Notes applications and plugins
    • Dynamic Web 2.0 applications
    In the future, this blog will provide
    • a platform for technical discussions in our field of work
    • demos of state-of-the-art techniques and tools
    • and free giveaways to help you in your daily (IT-) life
    Currently, we're sitting at the Entwicklercamp in Gelsenkirchen/Germany, two hours before our very own session.

    It's about the integration of Java/Swing based applications into Lotus Notes R8. 8 demos will hopefully fit in 90 minutes of session time. :-)

    So subscribe to this blog to get your hands on some of these demos later!
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